4-Week Free Online Marketing Course to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

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4-Week Free Online Marketing Course to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Free online marketing courses provide insight into internet development and consumers, without the hefty cost often associated with a conventional course. In addition, students also learn how to maximize success in growing a company. Online marketing provides numerous avenues of study into various markets which enables a company to more efficiently reach consumers than competitors do, leaving a company with an advantage over their competitors. As an example, consider the amount of money spent each year on pay per click advertisements, Google AdWords and other similar programs. In reality, companies could easily spend five times as much money, while receiving the same amount of traffic, if they utilized free online marketing courses instead.

There are several advantages to free online marketing classes. Many free courses are set up by experienced professionals who have years of practical experience to offer businesses and individuals. Often, individuals can sign up for a class and begin developing their online marketing efforts almost immediately. Further, many classes offer step by step guides, and even video tutorials, making them easy to follow and implement.

One such class is offered at the University of Phoenix. The University of Phoenix offers this free online marketing course called the LVT 101. This course is taught by experts in the fields of finance, management and marketing who have developed curriculum that are grounded in research and market analysis. This course incorporates cutting-edge technology into a holistic approach to online business development, encompassing strategic management, ad creative and search engine optimization. Students learn how to use social media effectively, how to drive visitors and generate interest, how to optimize content for search engines and how to develop a strategy for targeted marketing efforts.

Another great free online marketing course is taught at the University of Michigan. University of Michigan offers several online marketing courses including e Business, e Marketing for midsize and small companies, and e Business Strategy. All of these courses are taught by professors who have more than a decade of experience in advertising, website design and development and other related fields. Throughout each of these classes, students will be introduced to marketing theories and methodologies. In addition, they will participate in hands-on labs where they will use actual case studies, consumer research, and statistics to help them develop strategies for online business growth.

An additional top business school offering free online marketing courses is the University of Miami. The University of Miami offers several courses including Marketing Strategy, Executive Summary Course, Introduction to Online Marketing, and eCommerce. The Marketing Strategy will teach students how to effectively utilize a variety of marketing tools and promotional methods. This course name suggests what the course is all about: how to implement an effective strategy through free online marketing courses. Although this course name is a bit tongue-in-cheek, you will definitely be introduced to various business school terms and marketing tools.

For those students looking for an all-over comprehensive marketing education, there is still one free course from a top university. The University of Phoenix’s free online marketing courses cover a variety of topics such as search engine optimization, conversion techniques, media buying and e-marketing. These free online marketing courses can be taken in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

There are still free online marketing courses that you can take, but they are geared towards specific topics. These free resources are ideal for anyone interested in digital marketing. In digital marketing, one uses the internet to advertise services and products through multiple sources such as social media, SEO, blogs, video production and more. By mastering the many methods of digital marketing, marketers get the best results from their marketing campaigns.

Marketing is essential in the competitive world of today. A good marketing department helps a lot in the success of a product. You should consider enrolling in a free online marketing course to improve on your marketing efforts. Not only will you learn the basics of the industry, you will also develop a better understanding of how this industry works.